Air Conditioning Energy Inspections & Installations

The Energy Performance of Buildings (Inspections and Certificates) Regulations 2007 introduced a requirement for all air conditioning equipment with an effective combined rating output of 12kW or more and installed before January 2008, to undergo an Air Conditioning Energy Inspection.

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Why Have an Energy Inspections
Why should I have an Assessment?

•    The Assessment is a legal requirement
•    The report’s recommendations can save money if implemented
•    The inspection confirms that the system is suitable for the application
•    The inspection determines the condition and efficiency of the system and

     offers advice to reduce energy consumption
•    operation and the effectiveness of maintenance
•    The Report provides recommendations on any improvements that can be made

      to the systems and other processes, in order to reduce energy usage, energy  
      costs and environmental impact
•    The Report provides further advice and information on the Government’
      Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme and assistance available from the Carbon
      Trust and other bodies
•    The Report enhances a company’s ‘Green’ credentials
•    The report is essential to all companies running ISO14001 as failure to have

      an inspection is a non-compliance

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